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Each type of mortgage service caters to different financial situations, goals, and eligibility criteria. Understanding these options helps borrowers choose the best fit for their needs.


Our company acts as a knowledgeable partner, offering expertise and support throughout the home buying journey to ensure a seamless and informed experience.


We assist our customers in selecting the right product available to tap into the equity in their home; enabling them to meet their financial needs more effectively for things such as debt consolidation or home improvements.

Buying and Selling

Innovatively bridging dreams and reality, our comprehensive services seamlessly navigate through to the realms of home buying and selling through our affiliates; empowering clients with expertise, personalized guidance, and unwavering dedication to achieving their real estate needs.


We are commited to helping you save more when you buy or sell a home with us.


Save When You Buy With Us.

Get up to $10,000 off closing costs from NorthStar Lending when you buy with NorthStar Realty Professionals Unltd. and NorthStar Lending.


Save When You Sell With Us.

Sell you house with NorthStar Realty Professionals Unltd. and receive a .5% rebate on the sales price of your home from NorthStar Realty Professionals Unltd.


Save When You Buy and Sell With Us.

Save more when you bundle. Buy and Sell with NorthStar Lending and NorthStar Realty Professionals Unltd. and get both offers.

How We Work

Trust the Process

Get Prepared

To get started, gather necessary documentation such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank statemets, and identification. Having this information handy will assist in completing the application and provide the basic information we need to determine what you qualify for.

Get Pre-Approved

Complete and submit your loan application, authorizations and documentation to us for evaluation. This will help us assess your credit and financial situation which determines the loan amount you qualify for. (If you are looking to purchase a home, this would be the time you would begin your search).

Formal Application and Disclosures

At this time we will need information on the property to be financed. We will then prepare a formal application and disclosures for you to sign and request any additional documentation needed to complete the loan file. We will then prepare the file to be submitted for processing.


Once all documentation is received and the Loan program has been determined, your file gets moved to processing. The processor verifies the provided information, orders and gathers the appraisal, title work, hazard insurance, survey, etc.; packages it up and submits everything to the underwriter for review.


When the underwriter receives the loan file, they will then evaluate the application package and decide on loan approval based on various factors like creditworthiness, property appraisal, and income verification.

Conditional Approval and Closing

Once we receive the conditional approval from the underwriter listing additional items needed to receive clearance to close. We work together with you to fulfill any outstanding conditions requested. Once completed, with then schedule a closing date where you sign the final paperwork and the mortgage is funded. Throughout this process, communication and prompt submission of all required documents are crucial for a smooth and efficient mortgage application experience. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE MADE IT!

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